A couple weeks ago I took my son to a birthday party hosted at a place called Travel Town. It’s in Griffith Park (Los Angeles) which happens to be the largest municipal park in the USA. Travel Town is where retired train engines and coaches go on display as visitor attractions. It’s been there since before I was a child and is a great free Los Angeles attraction.

But that’s besides the point. It was while there (stuffing our faces with cake and ice cream) in the outdoor park that I spied a native shrub, “Baja Fairy Duster” or Calliandra californica. And I   it was seeding too.  So I  grabbed a few seed pods and made a note to f to see if I can get this bugger to grow.

  • Try to get fresh seed. Dry or dormant seed will require stratification. Mine were somewhat dry so I decided to play it safe and soak em.
  • Shuck seeds from pods. Discarded the pod casings
  • Soak seeds overnight in room temperature water. Tap water is fine.
  • Place seed into 2×2 containers filled with medium and sprinkle a little clean sand on top (holds moisture in). Sand is optional.
  • Wait a few weeks and see